Can I provide my own photos and images for my design projects?

Yes, however, there are some restrictions and rules to protect us as well as you when submitting photos and images for use on your designs.

  • No clip art
  • No photos or images from a search engine
  • Must own the image or have usage rights for the photo or image, such as purchased from a stock photo website or a document stating the image or photo is allowed to be used
  • Provide only high resolution images and photos, such as, vector files, images from high quality stock photo websites

Note that stock photo websites have their own Terms of Usage etc. when purchasing photos and images, please make sure you have read and understand their usage agreements. For example, some photos and images can only be printed 1000 times before you must buy another license. So be sure to check these to make sure the usage license fits your needs.

Stock photos purchased outside of the ASPnix design contract are not reimbursed by the company.