Have you considered Teamspeak?

Are you a business looking for an excellent way to communicate? Do you and your friends want a better way to chat while gaming online? TeamSpeak might be a solution to consider. 

TeamSpeak is an industry leading communications platform that offers pro level service and functionality without breaking the bank. The software is FREE, runs great on even the most basic computer hardware and is even accessible to users from their smart phones. 

To begin, you are going to need to set up the TeamSpeak software onto a server. If you already have a server that can act as a host there is no cost. If you are like most of us and don’t want to bother with running your own server, you might consider looking into a hosting company like ASPnix to do all of that stuff for you. They will charge a monthly fee but typically most companies won’t charge much for the service. Check out ASPnix’s TeamSpeak Page for more info. 

If you want to try the software out before you make any commitments, download and install TeamSpeak from teamspeak.com. The entire download is completely free and afterwards you wont have any trouble installing it onto your machine. The software is very easy to install and run on both Mac and PC. Once you begin, the software runs a setup wizard the first time which will help you set up your microphone, pick a nickname, etc. There are also apps available for using TeamSpeak with your phone. You can find them on Google Play and the App Store for IOS. 

Lastly, now that the software is installed, you just need to point it to a server address. For example this address – ts3server://ts01-co.aspnix.com:9987 is the free trial server.