A Comparison of Live Chat Options

Offering a live chat option for your customer service is very important. It shows that you are fully equipped to offer the best service and immediately answer any questions that might arise. But which service to use? For your convenience, we have taken a look at some of the top options out there and summed up their features.


16,000 customers and 80,000 users.

In the top five for LinkedIn followers, with 1.63 k followers,

Depending on the size and outreach of your business, you can select different levels of live chat software to best fit your needs. With the Pro version, you can use the company’s chat engine for engaging your niche of customers. The Premier version allows administrators to distribute chats on the basis of the availability and proficiency of the operator. This prevents the always-frustrating situation of the customer being passed from person to person in search of someone to solve their problem. There is also a free option offered. As with most free versions, the customizability and scope is limited, but this allows you to test the service before committing to the full price.


11,000 customers and 55,000 users.

In the top five for social media, with 5.71 k Twitter followers

Offers a 14-day free trial to get a feel for its workings and how it will relate to your business needs. It saves chat history indefinitely and allows you to see the visitors’ browsing activity to help visualize their needs and specific search. You are also able to use eCommerse integrations to view a customer’s shopping cart value and content. This comes in especially handy when you are chatting with them, so that you can offer them promotions, upsell items, or hone in on their specific question.

LiveChat Inc.

12,500 customers and 52,000 users

In the top five for social media followers, at 9.24 k Twitter followers, 15.5 k Facebook followers, and.79 k LinkedIn followers.

The service offers many benefits such as a login option via Facebook and the ability to share screens for better customer interaction. An interesting option it provides is the ability to see what the customers are typing before they have sent it, which can help with slow typers and providing fast responses. The chat window is also available on mobile devices, allowing more versatility. There are many available options from a starter pack to an enterpriser plus pack.


120,000 customers and 600,000 users

In the top five for social media followers, at 5.35 k Twitter followers, 66 k Facebook followers, and 750 LinkedIn followers.

An excellent choice for startups and private businesses, Zopim is economically priced and very customizable. You can choose a template or craft the design of the chat box yourself. The set-up is quick and easy and the service works well with most web-based services. The analytic information offered is extremely helpful for tacking chat logs, data, and such. It does offer a free version, but it is restrictive and makes the chat boxes appear to be offline when they are not attended by an operator, which may turn visitors away, believing that they do not have access to support.


20,000 customers and 500,000 users

This service is popular among small to middle-sized businesses. It offers a core live chat application, online self-services portals, ticket management, and change and license management. It has an intuitive system that includes useful options such as adding notes or rules to conversations. LiveAgent is scalable as your business grows.

Pure Chat

45,000 customers and 243,000 users

This service is instinctive and simple to use for both the customer and operator. The chat box is fully customizable. It is accessible as an app for IOS, Android, and Kindle, offering freedom and flexibility for your operators. The chat transcripts can be saved and stored for later review and strategic planning. You can set up pre-filled responses for frequently asked questions. The service’s focus is primarily the live chat and as such it is designed to integrate with most websites. You may need to hire a developer for the integration and more detailed customization, but most of the program does not require extremely tech-savvy users.