ASPnix Monthly Newsletter December 2010

ASPnix Newsletter December 2010

  • New Control Panel Available

Our new control panel system has officially been launched as of December 1st 2010. Our all new control panel provides users with a very high level of control, automation and efficiency! If you are coming from Helm you will immediately notice the differences in browsing, speed, and control options. If you are new to our system you will immediately notice the level of organization and the simplicity adding, removing and managing objects!

If you are coming from our Helm control system you will notice the following changes:

  • Native support for IIS 7.5 and Server 2008 R2
  • Secured folders support under IIS 7
  • Support for Asp.Net 4.0 and integrated / classic application pools
  • Sub domains / top-level domains have their own settings and options
  • Customers are “assigned” to 1 server and all databases, ftp accounts, websites etc. are stored to that server. This simplifies management and FTP access.
  • All settings are directly in front of you without needing to switch between domains
  • VPS systems are now automated. Customers can restart, reinstall and manage their VPS from without our new control system. (Server 2008 Only)
  • Scheduled Tasks (AKA Cron Jobs)
  • Automation of account / website / hosting space / database backup
  • And more!

What will you miss from Helm?

  • Currently the only large change or missing feature is the ability to automate and handle SSL certificates through the control panel. This option is being developed and will be available mid – ending December.

If you would like to move to our new control system please backup all data; including site files, databases and emails. Once you have backed up your data please contact our sales department, they will terminate your existing Helm account and create your new control system account.

  • New Mail Server

Customers are now enjoying our completely new SmarterMail v7.3 MTA system! About 3 weeks ago we migrated to a completely new, stronger and more powerful server hosting the all new Smartermail v7. Along with the new SmarterMail an all new Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus system launched as well. Boasting an impressive 99.5% effective spam blocking rate, CommTouch will you offer you a spam-free inbox along with the already highly effective 97% spam blocking rate of SmarterMail. This new server is already flexing its mail-delivery-muscles by offering the highest throughput seen to-date! This server is nowhere near its capacity and will offer customers piece of mind knowing that email is safe, secure, efficient and online!

What is new in SmarterMail v7?

  • Email searching has been greatly improved for more accurate and faster results. Users can search emails, contacts, notes, attachments, contacts etc.
  • Completely new web interface utilizing “push” technology. Web mail no longer has to constantly “recheck” the server for new messages as emails are now “pushed” to the web interface automatically on receiving.
  • The all new file storage system allows clients to store files on the mail server and deliver them as a link in an email and not an attachment. This allows for sending of files larger than the largest allowed file attachment size of 20MB.
  • Full support for CalDAV and CardDAV.
  • Weather forecast up to 7-days in the new SmarterMail calendar. (USA only at this time)
  • Enhanced contact viewer.

There are many other enchancements to the SmarterMail web interface, however there are just too many to list! We are confident that you will love the new SmarterMail v7 mail server system!

  • Backup MTA Server

A backup MTA server is now available to process email. This server will allow the continuous receiving of email in the unfortunate event our primary MTA server goes offline. While this server will process incoming email, it will not allow users to continue to send / receive email. This is simply a server to handle receiving and holding of all incoming email until the primary MTA server is back online. Once the primary server comes back online the backup MTA will start delivering email. Clients who use our email and DNS services have already automatically been setup for this. If you use a 3rd party DNS service please contact our support department and we will give you the backup servers IP address.

  • Microsoft ActiveSync Available / $5 Promotion

Microsoft ActiveSync technology is now available with ASPnix email services. A promotion is currently running to offer ActiveSync at $5 (USD) / account. This is a 50% discount off the normal price and is for a limited time only! ActiveSync is a wireless technology to give “push” technology for wireless devices; automatically sync contacts, notes, and emails. This technology also conserves battery life as the wireless device no longer has to continuously check for new objects every X minutes; emails, contacts, events are “pushed” automatically to your wireless device as the server receives these objects.

  • Domain Registration Promotion – $5 (.com, .net, .org, .info and .us)

New domain registrations are now only $5! This includes .com, .net and .org, .info and .us domain names! This is only for customers who wish to use ASPnix hosting services. If you would like more information about this offer please contact our sales department.

  • Helicon APE Now Available

Helicon APE has now been made available to customers utilizing our new control system. Helicon APE is an Apache .htaccess emulator for IIS. This add in for IIS7 gives you the ability to use once only Apache modules within IIS; like the mod_auth_basic, mod_cache, mod_deflate, mod_rewrite modules, plus many more! Please visit for more information about the supported modules and syntax of Helicon APE

  • Online Processing Fee of 3%

Starting January 1st 2011 all invoices will have a 3% online-processing fee added to them. This fee is being added to compensate for PayPal, Credit Card processing and handling fees. If you have any questions about this fee please contact our billing department.

  • WHMCS Reseller Program

ASPnix now offers WHMCS to all resellers who wish to use WHMCS as their billing / support and domain registration system. WHMCS has full support for both of our control panels as well as many other services. For more information about the pricing of WHMCS and how to get your license please contact our sales or billing department.

  • Affiliate Program Available

Our long-awaited and requested Affiliate program is now available. ASPnix customers may now signup and start referring friends, family, customers, and site visitors to ASPnix hosting services! We offer a 20% referral reward per referral you send to us and signs up for services! We offer banners, images and other marketing material to get you started ASAP! For more information about our Affiliate program and the terms please contact our sales department.