ASPnix Monthly Newsletter – April 2010

April Newsletter covers ASPnix Facebook Fan page, Rate Point User Feedback, Community Forums update and ASPnix Knowledgebase.

ASPnix Joins Facebook:

Facebook has been around for quite a while now and has become the largest and fastest growing social networking portal. Some of its finer features include News Feeds which appear on every user’s home page, photos section allowing users to upload albums to their profile to let other people view it. Notes, a blogging feature which lets user use tags and embeddable images.

Recently ASPnix has launched its Facebook page. Through this page we will be updating our members and community regularly, and collecting feedback to make our services superior. Our Staff members will be adding notes to the page to keep you up to date with latest news and information about our hosting services, offers, and technologies.

Please become a Fan of ASPnix on Facebook Today and get a chance to win one free year of Shared Web Hosting:

Independent Feedback at RatePoint:

RatePoint is a Massachusetts based company launched in 2006 to promote online and offline business quality and at the same time enhancing the relationship between consumers and businesses.

ASPnix recently received a Business Excellence Award from RatePoint, thanks to the feedback from our customers who are more than satisfied by the services we offer.

The RatePoint ASPnix independent feedback page can be accessed at

Please post your reviews about ASPnix at RatePoint. Your feedback really matters to us and helps us find new ways to make our services better and more reliable.

Community Forums:

Our Community forums have always been a good source of discussions regarding our services and web hosting in general. Our experts and staff personnel are active members of the community who are more than willing to engage in discussion related to the services we offer and development in general.

The community is growing as we add new categories for web development and design, server management, graphics design, new 3rd party tools, new techniques and more!

The community forums are based on vBulletin which is very widely used and well known for its flexibility, security and scalability.

Forums can be accessed at

ASPnix Knowledgebase:

ASPnix Knowledgebase is ever growing support for our clients to help them with queries regarding our services and technologies. Knowledgebase articles are categorized to help our clients search for a topic with ease. It is always growing since it is based on the frequent queries of our clients and our experts are always adding new topics to make the knowledge base more useful.

ASPnix Knowledgebase can be accessed at: