SOPA – What is our stance?

Since news a few days ago broke about one of our larger competitors / domain registrar giant supports the SOPA act, many of you have asked what our stance is on the SOPA act.

Let us be clear in saying that ASPnix does not support SOPA. We believe the internet should be a place of freedom for its users to share and contribute without big brother(s) watching over. However we do not support piracy, theft, or counterfeiting products whatsoever. If you break the law you should be held accountable, but not everyone should be treated as such! SOPA as well goes against one of our rights, the right to Freedom of Speech.

By registering a domain name (com, net, org or what so ever), you can publish there wherever you want by respecting the limits of law! So, anyone anywhere can meaningfully contribute to the commons and receive some recognition for it! Therefore we proudly support what the Internet users have created / developed online!
In the way as SOPA was proposed, the owners of the intellectual property would receive unprecedented remedies and at the same time it would allow overbroad and ill-considered remedies and processes such as those contained within SOPA threatens the very freedom that serves as the foundation of the Internet.

Then, if SOPA passes as it is now, the user’s (oops, they are the Internet) rights, will be totally / wholly to the rights of intellectual property holders. The situation cannot simply stand! And we invite you to read more about SOPA and fight against it!

SOPA is even a unilateral bill proposed to the United States House of Representatives on October 26, 2011. And, since of many of the domain name holders are Non-US citizen, has never been asked to the rest of world about their own opinion.

If you too do not support this, please post on your blog, site, forums, email friends, and family and spread the word to do whatever we can to keep the internet free and uncensored!