New Hosted Email Solution – Mail Relay


With the re-launch of the ASPnix website we are now offering a new Windows web hosting plan for those looking for Windows hosting on a budget, and a completely new hosted mail solution created especially for those who run their own mail server and need help delivering mail.

We are now very happy to announce a completely new mail solution for those that operate their own mail servers.  Our Mail Relay services were created specifically to cater to the needs of users looking to run their own mail server with the issues of not being able to deliver mail on their own. This is especially useful for those that run their own email server on an ISP that blocks outgoing SMTP ports which prohibits email delivery, or those that operate on a “residential” classified IP address and get emails returned due to realtime blacklist lookups, or servers that operate on IP addresses that are not owned or managed by them and the IP address has a poor reputation with realtime blacklists, anti-spam services etc.. Our Mail Relay services will allow remote mail systems to connect to (under a variety of SMTP ports), authenticate, and deliver mail hassle free! If your mail server supports SmartHosts or outbound authentication then you are ready to start sending mail, if not, it is ok, we offer IP based authentication options as well! This is an extremely cost-effective solution to allow you to operate your own in-house email system and still be able to send mail without fears of delivery problems, being tagged as spam and other delivery issues that can arise due to ISP limitations, IP blacklists, and other negative effects.

If you have any questions about our new offerings, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department!

Thank you!