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  • How much commission do I earn for referring customers?

    No comments March 2nd, 2012 3288

    By referring new customers to us you will receive a 20% commission of the sale.  Only hosting products and services are part of our affiliate program, not all products qualify; the following items are not counted towards or included in our affiliate referral program…

    • Domain renewals, registrations and transfers
    • SSL certificates
    • Hosting addons (dedicated IP addresses, ActiveSync, SQL Server reporting etc.)
    • Setup fees (for dedicated servers)
    • Any other optional fees that the refereed customer has optioned for

    Commission is not earned for just referring customers to our site; in order to qualify for a commission on the refereed customer they must meet all requirements below…

    • Customer must sign up and purchase a hosting package
    • Customer must pass all anti-fraud checks and the order must be approved
    • Customer must not request cancellation, or be terminated within our 30-day / 7-day money back guarantee period

    If you have any questions about our affiliate program and how it works or need more specific details about our program please contact our sales or billing department for more information.

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