IOT, The Cloud, and Farming. Why Farmers Need Managed Web Services.

The future is a strange and wonderful place where our technologies are expanding to meet the needs of so many more industries each and every day. Unlikely bed fellows are now realizing the huge potential for cooperative growth. As IOT innovation is popping up in every industry a subject that has previously not been often addressed in tech circles is farming.

As the world grows so does its food requirements. Smart agriculture has been around for some time now. Although, small to medium sized farms have historically found IOT solutions unaffordable and insufficiently accessible, as with all technologies which persist long enough, medium and then smaller scale farms will find themselves adopting new generations of IOT technologies which will become more affordable and easier to depend on.

Smart Agriculture

IOT is a tool that at this time is more accessible to industrial sized agriculture. Larger, and precision farming industries are doubling down. IOT is seeing huge growth in this sector. In 2015 the global smart agriculture industry was worth about $7.8 billion and is expected to reach $18.45 billion before 2022.

The Cloud

IOT is made further possible by access to the cloud. Realtime data can be collected and stored. It can be retrieved and filtered. Huge amounts of data can be analyzed and will lead to better planning. Purchasing, inventory, planting and harvest can all benefit from creating an ecosystem of sensors, irrigation control devices, and connected technologies. Ultimately, these tools depend on access to storage and retrieval options. Faster, higher bandwidth data storage and retrieval is the obvious backbone to these integrated systems. Practical applications like monitoring soil, air, moisture, growth rates, temperatures, and much more can be used in combination with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, to create even more efficient systems.


More data means more management. Servers and storage options are necessary to facilitate this movement towards complex and highly organized networks of agricultural technologies. This is where organizations such as ASPnix have a role to play. In order to manage these new technologies agriculture will need to depend on developers and datacenters to share the burden of growth.


By utilizing Managed Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, and various Hosting options these industries can grow faster without having to manage their own hardware and software solutions. In this way you can see that these industries will inevitably come to depend on IT professionals for their continued growth and future success. Companies like ASPnix who offer better, faster, higher bandwidth options will be who this industry will come to depend on.

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