The Public Pay (or Group / Clan Pay) addon for WHMCS allows your clients to accept public payments towards their hosting account, domain registrations, SSL certificates and any other billable items in their WHMCS account. This is especially useful to Clans who have members who will help pay for a website, VoIP server, VPS etc. Clients can also post their unique Public Pay link on their website and accept anonymous payments / donations towards their hosting fees!

With our module your clients will be able to take payments from others easily through your WHMCS installation using PayPal or our Coinbase (Bitcoin) using our Coinbase Payment Gateway module. Clients can also see payments received! The date, payers name (if available), the amount as well as the method  / gateway used.



  • NEW! WHMCS 7.x Support!
  • Clients can publicly accept payments through PayPal, Coinbase (Bitcoin) and G2A Pay
  • Clients can receive anonymous donations and payments
  • Public Pay payments are added as credit to the client’s WHMCS account
  • Client is notified through email upon receiving a Public Pay payment
  • Client can view all received payments
  • Admins can view the client’s public pay hash id on the client’s “Profile” tab in WHMCS
  • Admins can also setup minimal required payment amount
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Lifetime valid license
  • Discounted annual support and maintenance fee.


Below are screenshots for the Public Pay addon. This will give you an idea of how the module works as well as the look-n-feel.


For more information about the requirements of our module, please visit our KB article at the following URL”

As of October 2016, the Braintree Payment Gateway Module fully supports WHMCS 7 and PHP 7. WHMCS 6.x downloads and support are no longer provided.

Pricing & Purchasing

ASPnix offers 2 versions of the Braintree Payment Gateway for WHMCS to fit your needs. Those that prefer no license checks or calls home can purchase the Open Source License.

  • No limitations / fully functional
  • Installation support available
  • Includes 1 year of support and upgrades
  • Discounted annual upgrade protection
  • Free development license

The annual license is a one-time purchase with a discounted annual support & upgrades fee.

Annual License – $30 Initial Fee

Upgrade Protection – $15 Annually

  • Module is fully decoded
  • Access to source code
  • No license callbacks
  • Modify the module to fit your needs
  • One-time payment

The open source license allows access and modification of the source code. Click for more information.

Open Source License – $159

Upgrade Protection – N/A