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GeoIP Order Blocking WHMCS Module

The GeoIP Order Blocking Addon for WHMCS is a perfect solution for WHMCS administrators who want to prevent orders from being placed from certain Countries. By utilizing IP to location (through Maxmind or, the customer’s IP address is converted into a geographical location object that the module will compare with a list of provided Countries you do not wish to accept orders from.



Below are screenshots for the GeoIP Order Blocking Addon. This is a very basic addon that does not have a lot of functionality to show off, however this will give you an idea of how the module works and what is displayed to the end-user.


  • Aids in preventing fraud by blocking orders from IP addresses in certain Countries which you do not wish to receive orders from
  • Alerts the user at order checkout if the order has been blocked with a customizable message
  • Blocked orders are logged in the WHMCS administrator’s activity log, including the IP address and offending Country
  • GeoPlugin is free up to 120 lookups per minute
  • Multiple lookup systems supported. Native PHP lookups through the geoip extension, Maxmind’s PHP API using their databases and the service
  • Save time, money and resources by blocking orders from Countries from which you do not want to receive orders from


  • WHMCS 6.x support
  • Lifetime valid license
  • Discounted annual support and maintenance fee.

Great! How much?

The price of the module is a one time fee of $15 (฿0.0251) (excluding major updates). The annual maintenance fee is $5 (฿0.0084).

  • Pricing

    • $15 One-Time
    • $5 Annual (Upgrades)

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