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SmarterMail Email Hosting Features

We are pleased to offer SmarterMail as our Hosted Email solution! SmarterMail is a perfect cost-effective Exchange alternative with tons of features. In fact, so many that we’ve dedicated a page to listing the available features that SmarterMail has to offer!


  • SMTP (TLS / SSL available)
  • IMAP (TLS / SSL available)
  • POP3 (TLS / SSL available)
  • Alternative SMTP ports available
  • ActiveSync *Addon Available
  • Exchange Web Services *Free Addon
  • XMPP / Jabber chat *Free Addon
  • SyncML support
  • CalDAV / CardDAV support


  • Cyren cloud-based Anti-Spam Engines
  • Barracuda RBL checks
  • Sender Score reputation
  • DNSBL checks (various services)
  • Reverse DNS checking
  • SPF checking
  • DKIM signature checking
  • Trusted senders (for content bypass)


  • Cyren cloud-based Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware & Malware protection
  • Hourly updates definition updates
  • Zero day protection


  • Integrated calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes
  • Shared calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes
  • Thunderbird Lightning calendar synchronization
  • Webmail reminder system
  • Webmail attendees
  • Integrated RSS feed reader


  • Advanced summary reports
  • Advanced trend reports
  • Define report favorites and custom reports
  • Scheduled and on-demand email reports
  • Notification profiles
  • Assign actions to events

Message Archiving

  • Message archival (incoming and outgoing messages) *Addon Available
  • Search, view, and print archived messages

Webmail System

  • Advanced Web 2.0 AJAX optimized web interface
  • More than 15 languages available
  • Specially designed mobile browser interface
  • New message notifications from anywhere in the interface
  • Thumbnails for image file attachments
  • Preview message attachments
  • Download all attachments as .ZIP
  • Upload attachments in the background
  • File storage for files larger than 50MB
  • Automatic save as draft
  • Click-to-map, click-to-call and click-to-mail functionality
  • Follow-up flagging
  • Linked emails and tasks
  • Advanced custom content filtering
  • Advanced custom filtering rules – for example, move message from sender to folder, automatically mark as read etc.
  • Spell-check in 15 languages
  • RSS, RDF, and Atom news feed integration
  • Import and export contacts
  • Multiple signatures support
  • 3rd party IMAP / SMTP account support (check and send messages from gmail, yahoo etc. from within SmarterMail)
  • 256 bit SSL encrypted connection (HTTPS)
  • Integrated XMPP chat system
  • Integrated weather reports (US-only)

Maillist System

  • Create maillists with unlimited number of members
  • Bounce detection
  • Automatic removal of subscribers on bounces
  • Double opt-in
  • Subscriber custom fields
  • Unsubscribe links in messages
  • Merge variables and custom fields into messages
  • Enhanced mailing list compose with attachments
  • Customized command messages
  • Mail logging per subscriber

XMPP / Jabber Support

  • Connect Trillian, Digsby, Pidgin, Adium and many others
  • Stored chat history
  • Change your online status
  • Sign in to multiple devices with a single account

Account / Mail Features

  • 50MB incoming / outgoing file attachment support
  • Outgoing message / DKIM signing
  • Catch-all support
  • Temporary account alias (throw away alias)
  • Email store and forward support
  • Multiple signatures support