ASPnix Monthly Newsletter — January 2010

January’s newsletter is focusing again on our service updates, new products, and changes to our hosting services.

We would also like to wish everyone a happy and successful 2010!

TeamSpeak 3 Now Available

TeamSpeak v3 has been in development for over 4 years and is now ready and available for everyone’s use! This is one of the most anticipated software releases of the new year and promises to set new standards for the VoIP market.

TeamSpeak 3 has been rewritten from the ground up with a brand new GUI with all new features! The new feature list for TeamSpeak 3 is amazing, including the new Tabbed severs interface allowing users to have 1 TeamSpeak client running, but connected with multiple servers. 3-D positional audio, new permissions system, bookmarks, user profiles and avatars, file uploader / file browser, friends list, plugins, skinable client, text-to-speech and more!

As with our other VoIP product offerings, we are offering 5 voice-slots free for life!

For more information on TeamSpeak 3

For information on our TeamSpeak 3 pricing

Gaming Servers launching soon

Saving hostages, fragging zombies, saving the world from a terrorist attack is just around the corner! Within the next few weeks we will be introducing our new Gaming services with huge PC titles such as; Counter-Strike (1.6 and Source), Day Of Defeat, BattleField 2142, Call Of Duty, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, and Left For Dead 2. Of coarse this will not be all the games we host, but they are the major titles.

Our gaming services will also be complete with a fully automated control panel known as TCAdmin, this will allow you to control your gaming services, install mod’s, modify configuration files, control user access, rcon access and more all from your browser!

Through our gigabit backed network we can provide you and your friends, or clan mates with a lag free, super low latency gaming experience!

New VoIP / Gaming Server Locations Available

We now offer TeamSpeak (v2 and v3), Mohawk Voice, and our Gaming services in 2 locations. San Francisco California, and Washington D.C. We are still planning a central US location, and a european based location this year. Offering extra locations for latency sensitive services like VoIP and gaming allows us to bring better services, lower latencies, and faster response times for our VoIP and gaming solutions.

MySQL Server Upgrades / Server Discontinuation / PHP 4 Discontinuation

With last months newsletter we stated that we would be migrating from MySQL v4 & v5 to the latest GA stable release of MySQL, v5.1.x. True to our word we have begun the migration process and have removed MySQL v4.1 from our control panel and you will no longer be able to create MySQL v4 databases.

You can still manage your databases through our PHPMyAdmin utility as normal. However effective February 1st 2010 at 12:01AM, we will no longer be running our MySQL v4 servers and they will be shutdown. All clients have until this time to migrate / upgrade their databases to support the latest MySQL standards and technologies of v5.1.

For information about MySQL v5.1 see the below links

This is also a reminder that PHP v4 will be discontinued on our servers, and everyone will be moved to the latest PHP v5.2 release. This will happen the same day as the MySQL v4 upgrade. PHP v4 is no longer supported by the PHP Group, and is deprecated and no longer being developed against. We urge all clients that utilize PHP v4 to check their site against PHP v5.2 to insure all scripts and pages load without issues.

We hope that everyone understands the need to pull away from the older unsupported servers and services. If you have questions you can submit a ticket to our support department. email or logon to our forums and post your concerns there.

Graphic Design Services

ASPnix is proud to be offering Graphic Design services. We have the design needs to meet your businesses requirements and budget! Make this new year even better with a brand new identity for your business by getting a new logo, business cards, and any other graphical work your business may need!

Our Graphic Design services are professional level services, we do not provide clients with “clip art” or “templates” or graphics made with Microsoft Paint or other low quality graphical applications. Our graphics are unique to each design and are hand created with industry standard applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign so everything is very high quality, scalable, editable, and print shop reproducible. For more information contact

ASPnix Monthly Newsletter – October 2009

Here at ASPnix we have come up with some ideas to help you keep up on current and upcoming events. We will be sending newsletters like this each month to provide you with the most up-to-date information on our services, upcoming specials, upgrades and any other information within ASPnix.

As always with ASPnix, we are doing our best to bring you the latest and greatest in technology! And this month is no different, we have launched new services, completed our network upgrades, and more ongoing work to improve our services.

Our recently completed network upgrades have greatly improved our server response times in areas outside of the U.S. We are getting great feedback from clients in Europe and Asia. If you are in a Country outside of the U.S. please let us know if you see any performance increases in loading or visiting your web site!

We hope that everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!

October Prizes / Giveaways

This month we are starting something new to give more incentive to upgrade / refer new clients. We will be randomly selecting clients who purchase a new reseller or VPS package, or upgrade their shared hosting package to a VPS hosting package during the month of October.

  • 1st Place – Free Microsoft ZuneHD 32GB
  • 2nd Place – Free fully licensed (not an upgrade) copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition
  • 3rd Place – Free ASPnix 8GB USB2.0 Flash drive
  • Every 5th new shared hosting client receives a brand new free ASPnix 8GB USB2.0 Flash drive

If you have any questions or would like to leave feedback about the prizes please contact our sales department or you may submit a ticket / live chat with a sales agent @

Official Launch Of IIS7

We are now officially offering the long-awaited Microsoft IIS 7 from Server 2008! This new IIS has been revamped from the ground up and provides many ground-breaking features and upgrades that allow us to provide you with the best service possible on the Server 2008 platform!

Here are some of the features that the new IIS brings to the table:

  • HTTP Modules
  • Native Compression Support
  • Caching Modules
  • FastCGI Support for CGI based applications
  • File based configuration scheme

TeamSpeak VoIP Services Launched

We are extremely pleased to now be offering TeamSpeak gaming voice / general VoIP services for anyone who is looking to have a voice server for their clan, friends, family, or even simplify meetings!

For pricing information see

For more information about TeamSpeak and to download the free TeamSpeak client

Feel free to join the ASPnix Demo / Sales TeamSpeak server!


Port: 8767

User: Connect as anonymous.

We will also soon be offering Ventrilo based voice hosting. Ventrilo is the preferred voice server of hardcore gamers, clans, and “nerds” alike.

PHPMyAdmin Updated

We have updated our PHPMyAdmin installations to specifically support each servers features. We left the legacy PHPMyAdmin v2 for MySQL4 and installed the v3 for MySQL5.

You can view PHPMyAdmin here:

This will allow our MySQL management suite to better assist in MySQL database development. For more information and the differences between these versions see:

Graphic, Media & Logo Design

We have extended our services to now provide clients with graphic design services. This includes logos, banners, stationery, business cards, branding, ads and more!

We staff a full time graphic designer that has the skills to create your business or website the materials you need, to get you the presence you need to stand out from the rest!

For more information contact