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Product Fraud Override WHMCS Addon

The Product Fraud Override addon for WHMCS allows you to specify products & services that are excluded from WHMCS’s fraud screening process. The module also allows you to configure how orders are treated if an excluded product is ordered with a product that is not excluded. You can override the fraud checking process on as many products & services as you’d like! This is very useful to WHMCS administrators who have trial products that they’d like excluded from the fraud screening process or simply a product or service you’d not liked checking for fraud for whatever reason!




  • The end-user is not aware of which products & services are excluded from fraud checks
  • Configure which products & services are excluded from a simple web interface, no having to know IDs etc.
  • Configure how multi-product orders are treated when mixed with excluded and non-excluded products
  • Excluded orders are logged in the WHMCS activity logged as well as the customer’s account for later review


  • WHMCS 6.0 support
  • Lifetime valid license
  • Discounted annual support and maintenance fee.

Great! How much?

The price of the module is a one time fee of $10 (฿0.0159). The annual maintenance fee is $5 (฿0.0079).