PHP 7.2 now available for use and testing!

We are very pleased to announce that PHP 7.2 is now available for all Windows web hosting packages and plans. PHP 7.2 will be the first programming language to add modern cryptography to its standard library!

As well as other proposed ideas which you can review here

While we do not know all changes that are planned for PHP 7.2, some of the deprecated features that we’ve seen in the RFC are discussed here Our technical team will be keeping an eye on PHP 7.2 and bring news as more changes come to light.

We are adopting this new release so that users who rely on PHP for their application development can test their application to aid in future-proofing their code or just testing out new language features and syntax candy. Since this is a beta release, support for 3rd party extensions such as Ioncube, Zend Guard and Phalcon are not available. As always, this is a non-production version of PHP, so please take care when using this build of PHP with any websites!

We hope everyone enjoys the new release! If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please let us know.

Thank you for choosing ASPnix as your web hosting provider!

A Look at PHP 7

php7_logoPHP 7 is the most exciting change for PHP since PHP 5 was released just over ten years ago.  It makes structuring and powering webpages newly exciting.

PHP has been faster than most other dynamic languages, but with this newest update, the gap increased so that PHP 7 is nearly three times as fast as the nearest competitor. The performance improvements are spectacular, memory consumption has been considerably reduced, and new language features offer exciting possibilities for faster apps.

Because of the tremendous improvement in speed, another benefit is that it will take fewer servers to support the same amount of users. The refactored Zend Engine allows incredible performance boosts for applicants, with lower memory consumption.

PHP 7’s consistent 64-bit support provides for both native 64-bit integers and large files. This allows you more capability on a Windows system than in previous versions.

The update enables accurate type declarations and prevents unintended return values. This greatly enhances the quality of developers’ codes. Additionally this newest version initiates four new type declarations for scalar types: int, float, string, and bool. With these, the developers can specify what exactly they are looking to be returned.

The addition of anonymous classes can be utilized to speed up coding and execution. This is especially helpful when a class is just used once or when it does not require documentation. An anonymous class is the same as a traditional PHP class, just without a name.

An exciting new feature, Group Use Declarations, allows for multiple imports from the same namespace. This makes the code less wordy, cleaner, easier to read, and cuts down significantly on typing time.

In line with its intention to improve by cleaning up space, PHP 7 disposed of deprecated items and functionalities. In most cases, you won’t notice a difference as these were seldom used programs.  If you are curious about the exclusions, take a look in more detail here or here.

All of our hosting services include features such as PHP for a very reasonable price.