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SQL Server 2008

ASPnix now supports SQL Server 2008 which is the latest relational model database server developed by Microsoft. The aim of SQL Server 2008 is to make data management self-tuning, self organizing and self maintaining and to provide almost no downtime.

SQL Server 2008 has better compression technology than its predecessor, which also improves it’s scalability. The New Resource Governor feature allows you to keep data resources in check as well as reserves resources for users and services. SQL Server 2008 also supports ADO.NET Entity framework, reporting tools, and replication.

For managing your database, SQL Server 2008 includes Declarative Management Framework which allows you to configure policies and constraints on entire database or on only a few tables. SQL Server Management Studio that comes with SQL Server 2008 also includes IntelliSense for SQL queries against the Database Engine. SQL Server 2008 also makes database available through the Windows PowerShell so that the server can also be managed through Windows PowerShell.