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Network Speedtest

In today's world speed and efficiency is everything, slow network connections, packet loss, high latency can be detrimental to your web site, VPS, dedicated server or VoIP applications. At ASPnix we use only premium network providers across our datacenter partners including, Level3 Communications, Time Warner, XO Communications, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T to name a few. We also only use the highest in quality servers, processors, memory and storage, and network equipment. All of our servers are based on Intel Quad Core Xeon processors, lighting fast DDR3 memory, Intel Pro 1000 network cards, gigabit backed network, Western Digital magnetic HDD, and Samsung SSD based disks to maximize our network and server throughput!

Know Your Connection

Do you know how fast your internet connection is? Most users actually have no idea how fast their internet is, they simply pay for the service. To understand the results below make sure you have a full understanding of how fast your services download and upload speed is. If you do not know contact your ISP. Ask them "How fast is my connection?", or "What are my internet connection speeds". ISP's rate connection speeds in a variety of ways. Some use Megabits / sec (Mbps) others may use kilobits / sec (kbps).

Finally... Let's Test

Select the location that is closest to your location, or the location you are planning on purchasing from. You can get an idea of our network I/O or throughput by downloading the following files via HTTP (through your browser, or wget) and watching the transfer speed. We also offer a visual speed test utility powered by mini. You may also test your ping (or latency) to our network by ping(ing) the hostname specified.

Facility Hostname Test Download
Denver, CO Denver, CO (USA) ( 100MB File
500MB File

Below is a visual speed test powered by mini. This will test your connection speed (download and upload rate) to our network using HTTP. Mini requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.

Speed Test Complete!

Awesome! We hope you are pleased by the speed test results! If you have any questions, concerns about this test please contact our support department, or drop us a line on our community forums!