What is the “Hassle-Free Migration” service all about?

All of our shared hosting packages, including Linux (excludes the free hosting plan) and the Windows (excludes Reseller services) shared hosting include the “Hassle-Free Migration” service free of charge! Once you’ve signed up and contacted our technical support team, we can go ahead with migration of your site, files, databases and we can even migrate your eMail from your current provider to us!

Why let ASPnix migrate your hosting services?

We’ve been doing this for over a decade for one, so we know how to get your precious data migrated quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, customers have large sites, but slow Internet connections which makes the time to move data much higher. Pulling down your site to your local computer, then uploading it to us, this is double work! Our technicians can migrate your data at blazing fast carrier level speeds directly from your old provider to us, no middle man!

It is tedious… Exporting databases, creating new usernames for them, updating site configuration files and much more… We have unique tools that allow our technicians to migrate data efficiently to get your sites online fast!

Did we mention free… This service is provided 100% free of charge with your hosting service! Please review our Terms of Service for rules terms regarding the migration service.