What is the difference between the “Reboot” and “Restart” VPS power options?


Choosing the “Reboot” option cleanly shuts down the guest OS and starts the OS boot process fresh.

  1. Shuts down the OS cleanly (if possible)
  2. Turns off the VPS
  3. Turns on the VPS
  4. Boots into the OS


This option immediately “power cycles” the VPS. This does not cleanly shutdown the OS. It is basically the same as pulling the power cord to your computer then plugging it back in and turning it back on.

  1. VPS is immediately turned off (power removed)
  2. VPS is turned on
  3. Boots into the OS

The “Restart” option is common if your VPS has completely locked up or is not responding. The “Reboot” option will force a restart if guest OS does not cleanly reboot after 5 minutes.