What is the Control Panel Module and do I need it?

The Control Panel Module is a feature that allows our Windows hosting control panel to “control” your VPS at a more advanced level. For tasks such as adding and managing IIS websites, adding and managing FTP accounts, ODBC connections, file manager and permissions.

Without the Control Panel Module you may still run your website(s) off your VPS, however this requires that you setup IIS, configure it, setup all permissions, application settings, mappings etc. By purchasing the Control Panel Module we will install and configure IIS, the FTP service (FileZilla), and all the associated items such as .Net, PHP, Perl, Web Deploy, IIS Remote Management and all the other technologies and features that our control panel supports.

Most users who run websites on their VPS prefer this method of control as it is much easier to have our control panel do all the heavy lifting when it comes to creating a website and managing it.

Please note that this is not a managed service and can only be provisioned to newly created virtual servers. This is simply provided to make provisioning websites, FTP accounts and other tedious tasks easier. The customer is still responsible for maintaining their server and its services.

If you have any specific questions about this addon, please contact our sales team or chat with one of our sales team members!