What custom backup and backup versions are available for VPS services?

Customized backup solutions are available for our VPS clients and allows you to setup and execute backups more than once per day, which is our default setup. Clients also have the option to setup different versions to keep, by default only the last 3 backups are kept.

While the default backup setup will work for most customers, some may have higher requirements to backup sensitive data or data that changes more often at a more frequent rate, such as twice a day. You may select the following options for backup intervals…

  • Standard – Nightly (Free / Included)
  • Twice per day (every 12 hours)
  • 4 times per day (every 6 hours)
  • Hourly (once per hour)

You may also select the following backup versions to keep…

  • 3 days (Free / Included)
  • 1 Week (7 days)
  • 2 Weeks (14 days)

Backup versions are kept for x number of days rolling, as 1 backup completes, the very last backup at the end of the version cycle is automatically removed.