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  • What does the “Network & Server Status” page show / do for me? Are the results live?

    No comments July 2nd, 2013 3989

    Our “Network & Server Status” page displays our network and server services status inĀ live. The online or offline icon next to each server / service is generated at the time of your request, no caching is done here. The system goes to each server we’ve setup and queries for a list of services (which we’ve specified) and tries to connect to the TCP / UDP port specified. If it can connect, it assumes the service is online, if it times-out waiting for a response, it assumes the service is offline. It is a very simple system that allows you to easily view the status of any server at any time.

    We’ve even integrated our Prtg monitoring system graphs and uptime stats into our status system as well! Simply click the “Graph” icon next to the server you wish to view and you will be shown the servers current services and their statuses, total uptime, monitoring start date, and the service graphs straight from our Prtg system.

    All this information is generated in real-time and is not doctored in any way, it is real deal when it comes to our servers and services!

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