How do I use the fraud protection included with my Braintree merchant account?

For more information on how the fraud protection through Braintree works and how to enable it within your account, please review their support article here –

To enable fraud protection in our module, please follow the steps below…

  1. Activate Advanced Fraud Tools in your Braintree account – Guide Here
  2. From the WHMCS administrator, open, Setup => Payments => Payment Gateways
  3. Find your Braintree gateway settings
  4. Check / Enable “Enable Advanced Fraud”
  5. Press “Save Changes”
  6. From the WHMCS administrator, open, Setup => Addon Modules
  7. Activate the “Braintree Advanced Fraud Helper” addon module (No permissions need to be set or applied for this module)
  8. You are done!

To test, submit a credit card payment, then check the WHMCS Gateway Log output, find the transaction for the payment you just completed, you should see a field called [riskData] with 2 fields below it called [id] and [decision].

What if I do not know my credit card form DOM id?

Open your client area template creditcard.tpl and viewcart.tpl file with your favorite HTML editor and find the credit card <form> and find the id=”….” the …. will be the DOM id of your form. If your form does not have an id=”….”, you will need to add one to it. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact your web developer. For example, you could add id=”cc-payment_form” then your DOM id name would be cc-payment_form.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our WHMCS Module support department and we will be glad to assist you!

As of Braintree Module release v1.1.2 the form ID is found automatically. If your checkout / credit card forms do not have an id set, you will need to contact your web developer to get this fixed. The <form … id=”…”> must be set in order for the Braintree data library to inject the required form data.

ASPnix provides no warranty and is not responsible for any errors that occur from editing or altering your templates / WHMCS settings.