How do I override the fee calculation for the Braintree module?

By default, our Braintree Credit/Debit processing gateway module uses their standard rate of 2.9% + $0.30. If your merchant account uses these rates, you do not need to override the fee calculations.

Create a file called fee.php and place in WHMCSROOT/modules/gateways/braintree with the following contents…

 2.9, 'fixed' => 0.30];

Replace the 2.9 value with your merchant account rate (EG 3.2), replace the 0.30 value with your merchant account fixed rate (EG 0.75). Save the file to the location specified above. Do not add any symbols such as % or $, use standard decimal places as shown above.

Please note that this is affects ALL merchant accounts processed with the Braintree module, even if you have multiple merchant accounts / currencies defined.