Does ASPnix use any renewable energy or purchase Carbon Offsets?

Yes! We are a proud partner of TerraPass, we subscribe to and purchase Carbon Offsets for our total annual electrical usage within our data-center!

Currently our data-center itself does not source any renewable energy from the grid, though we take great care in making sure everything under our control is as energy-efficient as possible.

  • 80+ rated titanium power supplies – All properly rated for server load for best efficiency
  • SSDs where available – SSD drives consume far less power than normal mechanical drives, usually 2 – 3x less power
  • Where mechanical drives are used, we have intelligent RAID software that can spin down (throttle) or even completely idle a drive based on usage
  • Fully support all of Intel’s power management features to throttle and adjust process speeds and voltage to reduce power consumption during varying loads

We inspect all hardware such as switches, routers, servers and all other equipment to make sure we are purchasing equipment that both meets our requirements for usage and is as energy-efficient as possible.