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Graphic Design

So what is graphic design anyways? Also known as communication design, graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration. Our very skilled graphic designers are here to help your communication needs come alive! Whether you are needing a new logo to jumpstart your business, a business card to make impressions, flyers to spread the word, or web banners to get noticed we are here to help!

Logo Design

Your business is ready to go, look good and make sure customers remember you! Let our Graphic Design team create a logo for your business that you and your customers will love!

  • Hi-Res of Existing Logo (B&W $120 / COLOR $150)
  • BRAND NEW Logo $150- $300, prices are subject to change depending on complexity

Business Cards

You have the logo for your business, now you need to make sure your customers know how to contact you as well as give your contact information to prospective customers. Our Business Cards are some of the most attractive in the industry!

  • Single Sided $80
  • Double Sided $160

Web Banners

Banners are great for advertising your business and its products and services. Great for use on your site as well as for advertisers and advertisements on 3rd party websites. Let us make you some amazing banners that are eye-catching and beautiful!

  • Static, Any Size (No animation, single frame graphic) $75
  • Animated, Any Size (Displays static frames one after another simulating animation) $150
  • Web Header, Any Size (Header design for your website) $90

Social Media

Social Media is crucial to nearly any business. Customers will like and follow you on many of these sites, so generating ads, having a great banner or header image is critical for making your Social Media site attractive to customers. Designing an eye-catching post can help increase exposure and interaction with your customers!

  • Facebook Cover Photo & Profile Image $60
  • Twitter Cover Photo & Profile Image $60
  • Facebook & Twitter Post Design (To advertise certain specials or announcements) $75

Collateral Pieces

Collateral Pieces are great extras for your business. Such as brochures, programs, flyers, postcards etc.

  • Business Letterhead $30
  • Postcards/Mailers $80 - $200* (Single or Double Sided / 4:1 or 4:4 Options), prices are subject to change depending on size and color options
  • Flyer $100
  • Brochure $200*, prices are subject to change depending on complexity
  • Event Programs $250 - $450*, prices are subject to change depending on complexity, size & number of pages

Print Ads

Print Ads are a great way to advertise your business!

  • 1/4th Page Ad $75
  • 1/2 (half) Page Ad $150
  • Full Page Ad $225

Get Started

Getting started is easy! Fill out a Design Request Form and one of our Graphic Design team members will get back with you to discuss your design requirements and needs. There is no obligation when submitting a design request. Think of it as a free quote!


Design Request Form

Our Design

Our Graphic Design team uses the latest versions of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and are experts in software such as, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat. All of our team members are graduates of the Art Institute colleges, hold Bachelor degrees in Graphic Design and have 10+ years experience in the industry. Our designers have done work for companies big and small, everyone from Lockheed Martin, Sony and even Microsoft to name a few big ones :), syndicated Radio Stations, software companies, textile industry, apartment magazines and more!