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CPanel Reseller Hosting 

ASPnix features a full suite of Control Panel (cPanel) hosting services.  It is nearly impossible to navigate through the process of hosting a site without cPanel’s automation tools and graphical interface.  Tried and true Linux based web hosting control panels are a must.  However; have you considered becoming a cPanel reseller hosting professional?  If you are already comfortable with a cPanel portal, becoming a savvy reseller is the next logical step.

Reseller hosting is a very inexpensive and simple way to begin a hosting business.  Using one control panel you can manage multiple clients who will also share access to a control panel.  Your customers can then make changes and updates to their services.  This allows you, the reseller, to charge a premium for these services and upgrades.  This is sometimes referred to as shared hosting because it is typically located on a server that you will share with other resellers and individuals. 

ASPnix allows distributors to add or remove accounts, create and modify your hosting plans, and (if need be) restart the system with ease.  Additionally you can access WebHost Management with your reseller privileges with a similar set of features to a root administrator.

We offer Linux cPanel Cloud Web Hosting services.  With our new cpanel control, you can now easily manage numerous aspects of your account such as emails hosted on your server, files, applications and more.  For small website owners, cPanel means dedicating your energy to the growth of your company.  Our experts are always available to ensure that hosting is not an issue for your business.  For more details, contact one of our knowledgeable representatives about our cPanel reseller hosting services.