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Colocation Server Hosting

ASPnix provides excellent colocation server hosting for your servers and devices in our professional data center.  With our services, you can guarantee greater resilience to malicious attacks and save a significant amount of money and time.  Colocation has proven to be the best strategy for many businesses.  It is an effective way to minimize network latency, obtain business continuity and scalability.  By using our colocation services, you can assure complete control over the operating system, the physical server, and the applications.

There are numerous advantages to using colocation server hosting.  For example, you can control the environment of your servers such as humidity maintenance, constant temperature, and particulates filtration.  We offer fire suppression systems, redundant power sources, and uninterruptible power supplies backup.  Our around-the-clock physical security and monitoring bring our clients peace of mind.

The best part of colocation is the cost of bandwidth.  By placing your servers in our colocation facility, we can provide you with higher bandwidth speeds and better redundancy for your network connections.  We use rate limited 100Mbps and 1Gbps low latency bandwidth.  We have state-of-the-art outage protection and high tech equipment to backup power and protect your data.  If the server machinery is too slow or doesn’t have enough memory, we can upgrade the server without waiting for anyone’s permission to do so.  Our industry leading Service Level Agreement guarantees 100% network and power uptime.

At ASPnix, it’s all about keeping our clients online and productive.  We offer affordable and reliable colocation services and we built our facilities to ensure our customers get the redundant network they require with the highest level of security needed.  Our colocation server hosting plans are ideal for any business looking to save.