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  • ASPnix – Offering Linux cPanel Cloud Web Hosting

    No comments November 2nd, 2015 2528

    We are very pleased to announce that we are now offering our Linux cPanel Cloud Web Hosting services! Alongside our beefed up network switching capacity, our higher capacity up-link from Level 3, we feel we can now offer a much more satisfactory Linux web hosting experience! We’ve worked for months getting all the kinks in our new cloud infrastructure and have it perfected. Our Linux web hosting services, just like our Windows services have been built¬†around the best Supermicro servers, Samsung Pro SSD drives and Intel Gigabit network controllers and a fully gigabit-backed network as well as and improved Linux support staff. We know many will be pleased to see MariaDB as our standard database offering as well as PHP 5.6, Perl and Ruby on Rails. IPv6 is also supported!

    Wait?! Didn’t ASPnix offer Linux hosting not long ago? Wasn’t it retired and closed!?!

    Yes, in February¬†of 2014 we retired our previous Linux web hosting offerings. This was due to multiple reasons internally, both technical and administrative. A lot has changed since we closed our previous hosting options, our network infrastructure has been massively upgraded, new routing equipment, Level 3’s up-link has been upgraded, our server support staff has grown, our Cloud Hosting Platform has grown over the past 6 months and we’ve stabilized it with massive investments in high-end hardware.

    We’ve had a demand for Linux cPanel hosting and we feel with the stability of our systems and services we can now properly serve the Linux community. So, with that, our single fully unlimited cPanel hosting plan is now available! We know we have some ground to make up with our Linux hosting offerings, but we feel that we can easily make that up with our massively improved platform! Speaking of Linux… Keep an eye out for soon-to-be-announced Linux Virtual Server hosting solutions powered by KVM!

    If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please let us know!

    Thank you for choosing ASPnix!

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